Jovial juvenile lass
A sudden accident step down
and yet woken up
Consort the world nor lights being the witness
god as the soul witness
prance for the seashore
the shape of time
naked with a short lines on board
her bank she left her daddy
somersaulted to the womb back
being into the ship backward
to the origin of fall from the perimeter of sufferance.

Pandrophobic neither  Androphobic
journey of joyfulness
open the gate wide garden of Eden
stepped see joy freedom and love happiness
of an unboundness
express yourself to the need that the journey takes your ship
reaches  your point ; end of journey

Knowing He
know she isn’t a company in the game
that Mr. He calls lonesome
for neither is to be punished
wrong she know placed own game
her game of happiness
ask to no one can she
Its her personal identity.

She’s all alone
Freed from stress
she’s not traditional and religious personally
she leaves her tresses open
and cut her hair short
Fall to the musical beat
no one stops
this transformation is a journey,
journey of hopeful waiting
Struggling to gain a single identity
from submissive to dominion
one been at doormant sleep
such dolorous contemplation
and cry baby is no more.

Things improved when she pilfered
the thoughts of these dominant
They need worthless thought
of bubbly bookish knowledge.

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