Our Nation’s concern

Everyone must have thought once in their lifetime that ,when I’ll meet our Prime Minister, I’ll say this Or that.
I know, even you all have thought this once.
Logically, it’s not possible to talk about each and every department in one day. Yet we can discuss some of the major problems and solutions to those problems with him.
Some major problems like increasing women security, introducing some new schemes for middle class families, Sanitizing each city properly, either taking away the quota for backward class Or introducing quota for general category too, etc.
1.In this pandemic time, each and every city is needed to be sanitized properly and probably as many times as possible.
2. During this time, women are more unsafe than any time before. There should be more awareness of defense in every women so that they don’t have to wait for someone to come and help her.
3. Universities, these days are taking the same amount of fees, knowing the economic conditions of the country. They should give some sort of discount of about 25-50%.
4. Many more problems are there like overpopulation, which is the root cause of everything. A rule should be made of having only 3-4 kids in each family, if there are medical necessities like having more than 4 children at once. Because of this overpopulation everything is Imbalancing. And the main cause of this overpopulation is having no sex education. Sex education should be there in every big or small institutions.
5. Every gender should also be known properly, then only today’s kids will have open mind for the LGBT community too.
6. My one last question would be, are religious conflicts more important than every religion getting united?
If it’s for one day, I’ll just present these problems and solutions in front of the Prime Minister of our country. As I think these are the most important problems.
Thank you.
Jai hind 🇮🇳

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