Only Me


Nowadays everyone likes to interfere in what others are doing more than their life.

Whenever you post something about yourself on social media, privacy has to be applied very carefully. If the post becomes public even by mistake, it will not only go to all the friends, but will also go to the friends of their friends and our own relatives are left behind. Then their investigation starts, where are you? Where did you go? Who are you? Who else has gone son? Just question upon question again. Due to this fear, either many people are not very active on social media or they have kept their relatives in the block list. Whenever someone in a party or marriage accidentally asks that son to tell me your WhatsApp number, then on purpose I have to say oh no uncle, I do not use all this. I think everyone would get a sigh of relief only on Only Me Privacy. Anyway, why should we give the news of our personal life moment by moment to other people, anyway social media is a world of show off. There are few other faces seen online which have nothing to do with real life. I mean, once you sit down with your phone, you don’t even know where the eight and ten hours of the day have disappeared. Post after post one just spends the whole day scrolling the posts. Anyway, the mobile phones of our generation are only silent or vibrate for 24 hours. Only we will know if someone’s call or message comes. I think only me privacy should be imposed on the whole life, neither any unwanted person will enter life nor will we block anyone.


-Priyanka Siraswal

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