“Feminism isn’t about making woman strong. Woman are already strong. It is about changing the way the world perceive that strength”

Indian culture gives women the utmost respect. Many of our gods are female and they have been worshipped as a deity by many faithful people. The goddess of wealth is Laxmi, the goddess of power and strength is Durga and the goddess of wisdom is Saraswati. Women are the epitome of wealth and power. Women play an important role in society and the whole family is dependent on women for its daily activities. They play the role of mother, wife, homemaker, cook, teacher, friend, Nurse all at the same time while catering to every body’s needs.

The women who are in a job have to also fulfill the job responsibilities while managing home & family. The life of women is very hard, but she gets little or no appreciation. There are a lot of women who are extremely talented & multitasker but have no recognition in society. The major issue is that she is restricted to move beyond the surrounding she is told to be in for safety. Even being a student in an adulthood, she is not allowed to be away from the academic surrounding she is put in. She is taught that only the certificate of Degree can gain her something. She is rarely given a chance to express herself. She is giving herself a concealment to avoid the society speaking ill on her. What a nation like India needs is Freedom to her Daughters to go freely.

I personally think that son should be taught how to behave well and respect her rather than keeping restrictions on the daughters’ desire.
One of the major hindrances in the growth and advancement of women is gender inequality. This means that we treat males and females unequally even for the same task. This is generally in the case of rural societies. A male child is always encouraged by family to go to school, while the female child is told to learn household works.

As divorce is still a taboo in Indian society many women are suffering from abusive marriages. As they are not empowered, they fear to stand up for their right. If we want to empower women then domestic violence has to be stopped at any cost.

As females were given poor education or no education they are not able to get good jobs. Thus either they have to stay at home or do lesser paid jobs. Thus the male always remains the bread earner of the family. So the women hardly get economic independence.
If we wish to see a nation that develops economically on the global front, then it’s very important to have “Women empowerment”. The actual women empowerment comes out when women are given equal opportunity for movement at any time without fear and safety from the beast mindset of the male patriarchs.
Quality Education is the key to women’s empowerment. Slowly with the increase in literacy level and awareness, society has started giving importance to education. Many parents today want to educate their daughters equally as their son. Many women today are scientists, lecturers, collectors, etc.

The women empowerment also means when the society will also accept women as decision-makers for the economic and financial decisions of the family.  We shall encourage women from all the sections of society to make their own decisions. They need not take permission from men.

The government and several NGOs are making efforts to empower women by creating awareness. The government is running a large no. of projects for education and skill development of women so that can get economic independence.Thinking of society is also changing slowly. More and more no. of women are getting a quality education. But the true meaning of women empowerment will be achieved when gender inequality will be eliminated. We need to give equal opportunities to women for equal pay, equal respect as equal to men. We look forward to such a nation.


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