Narrative writing – Narration of a book reading experience.
  1. Book reading is fun. And I’m myself an avid book reader. Last week I read the book – The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini. And I must say, what a fanatastic book it is. The book narrates the experiences of two young kids – Amir and his friend Hassan, both from Afghanistan, one a Sunni Muslim – the Pashtun and other a Shia Muslim – the Hazara. One kid who has every materialistic pleasure of life but still quests for love and affection of his father, and the other who has nothing much but the love of his father and his dear friend Amir. The story deals with the tale of friendship of the two boys and at the same time showcases that how things despite being similar, can be so different outside the spectrum of a kid’s visualisation. Amir, a 12 year old affluent kid with everything – litterate and smart and Hassan, an 11 year old underprivilaged kid working as a servant for Amir and his family along with his father. The bonding and chemistry of the two takes a turn when a tryst with the kite flying festival changes everything for the two. The story proceeds with the deteriorating friendship of the two after that incident and Hassan leaving Amir forever. The story is set in the background of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and then the control of Taliban in the country. The escape of Amir and his father from Afghanistan to Pakistan and then to America. After some years the destiny has a tryst with Amir’s past again when he recieves a phone call from Pakistan. Amir – having settled perfectly in America with a great career and a family is pulled by the affection of his country and he ends up going to Afghanistan, which is under the control of Taliban now, only to find some unrevieled facts and some shocking revelations about his past friendship with Hassan. The book deals with the emotions of friendship, patriotism and redemption. It makes a reader think about some different aspects of life which we tend to ignore to think about with a broader perspective. The book is really a good fiction read for a teenager which will make him realise some aspects of love for motherland and friendship.
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