My soul is scared to lose you.

I’m terrified of just the thought or dream of losing you.
I know you are mine but still to lose you is my worst fear.
Earlier I used to be scared of ghosts and snakes
But the moment I met you, I really don’t know what happened.
Now I’m deathly afraid to lose you.
Every moment I think about it.
The weather outside is hot enough to scald a loon but
Still my body shivers uncontrollably
In cold, just by the thought of losing you.
I know I’m not perfect but I promise to walk with
You forever in the beautiful lanes of life.
I promise to love you and remove
all your blues away.
My world will end the moment
I will lose you because you are
My world, My everything.
You are the person with whom my
Soul wants to live until the last
star fades.
I know you will never leave me
But my soul is scared to lose you.

– Kaushiki Sarkar



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