Middle class Life

Has anyone ever thought about us, the middle class people? Majority of our country, India, is filled with us but the Government either cares about Rich Or Poor people.Hypocrisy is at its peak in this country.

Here, the backward class gets quota,

What about the GENERAL CATEGORY PEOPLE? Poor gets schemes,


Mediocre life is not as happy as Rich life or not as sad as Poor life, it’s stuck somewhere in between them.A moment they have money, the next that’s gone because the spending on daily life necessities is more than they are earning.

It’s not everyone’s cup of coffee, Mediocre life is way too difficult.More difficult than the mediocre life is being a child in this type of family.

In this type of family, not only a girl but a guy also suffers.

For girls, it’s like, “You are 20+ now, it’s time to find a guy for you.”

“What will you do studying more than this?”

“You don’t have to work. “, etc.

And Boys, it’s like,

” Now you are 20+ , you have to get a job”.

“You are the one who has to look after the family”.

” You have earn for your family. “, etc.

Why can’t both , the girl and the boy look after their family, while working together?

Most importantly, Why is necessary to put all the responsibilities on Boys?

Give these responsibilities to your girls too, so that no one feels left out or burdened.Mediocre life is not as happy as it seems, it’s always limited to,

” What will people think? “

“See Sharma ji’s son, he’s a great engineer. You also have to be one”

“See our neighbor’s daughter, how she ran and married. If you’ll do this, we will not accept you”.

Standard problem of our country mediocre families are their Child’s marks or percentage.If someone got 98.6 , they are not appreciated, they are asked why not 100 %or 99%.

There are only 2 scopes for a mediocre child , they are either Engineering or Medical. If not these 2 then there is one more CA.

Why is it so?

There are many other occupations. People , just open your eyes and see.Or the basic need of our Mediocre lives are Government jobs.According to every middle class parent, Government job is the only solution to get rid of this mediocre life.Which is, at some level important to survive the middle class life.

“Middle class life is struck somewhere between Money and dreams”

It’s my humble request to all the middle class parents, whoever is reading this article, Please don’t pressurize your kid to fulfill your dream, let them fulfill theirs. It will make you more happy than them.

Thank you.

Jai hind🇮🇳

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