What is #metoo ? Is it just a law for an action or a law for publicity?

Is it a hashtag for the victims or a hashtag for the criminals?

Why people fear to express the assault they have gone through?
Why don’t they raise a voice?

Now, this hashtag is to raise the voice, this hashtag is to let the world know that we’re not alone. #metoo is for the people who have gone through sexual assault
Be it anyone, just open up to your rights. If the culprit is not guilty, Make them feel so. If world made the laws,
Be it same
Whether for women or for men
If the men can go out wearing whatever they want,
Be it same
For women to wear what they want…
You said we all got independence in 1947,
So why girls or women still can’t decide for themselves?
Why always people teach girls, what to do and what not???
Why don’t they teach their sons to respect women?Haven’t other countries gave the freedom to Women?
Then why not us?
Think yourself. We have statistics of people teasing girls by various reasons. Not only young girls, children and older women are also being victims of this teasing.
It’s a humble request to you all , please change negative thinking, narrow minded judgements and let the girls and women of our society live peacefully.
The same applies for women, we should also consider that all men are not the same. Some are victims themselves. So, women change your thinking too. Understand the difference between the right and the wrong. Stay safe.

Thank you 🇮🇳

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