Manic me and morning coffee

MaNiC Me & MoRnInG

it’s not you
it’s me
the sun is out,
morning birds sing
all the clocks whisper
and paw at your name
why can’t I have you?
don’t you dare say decaf
it is not the same
mania is back
and you don’t help
no amount of sugar
no sweet candied cream
no I can’t drink you black
please, don’t do this
quit begging me
you’re making a scene
ok, maybe just a sip
just this once
a sip
a swallow
this brain is now mush
this lightning storm feeling
what a trip!
I’ll run, swim, chase, and follow
this tasty rabbit
down any dark hole
no lights
no warning bells
my landing gear wrapped
in rusty, twisted metal
my wheels worn thin
too many flights
too many sins
the jump button isn’t there
manic me drifting and existing
and that goddamned
cup of coffee
that gorgeous steam
blowing gorgeous kisses
the air around you feels soft
a pillowtop dream
you sit strong, in my favorite mug
the pond water blue one with the ridged edges and chipped handle
you’ll keep persisting
I’ll keep resisting
coffee, it’s not you
it’s manic me !!!

– Adyasha✨

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