LGBTQ awareness

Modernization and It’s way of making us woke about things which are so important to be acknowledged as a citizen.

So today we chose to talk about LGBTQ PRIDE MONTH.

– First of all stop making any weird face if you’re already making by reading the topic.

-So, here we generally celebrate the whole month talking,spreading awareness and acknowledging ourselves about Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender and Queer community.

-This month educates us on a very strong and important community of our society.
This month allow every LGBTQ community to embrace themselves more and more to be this strong and powerful to accept their sexuality.

-This month we basically show our support to them by being part in rallies , posting stuffs on social platforms and beinh happy about those people who actually come out so vulnerable.

-We include rainbow flags , glitters and so many colourful worthy posts and art to show the colour of togetherness and happiness.

-Here we spread the word how to accept ourselves just “how we are” despite of anything.

– Lastly, I would like to say some people who bash shame on Queer community, mentally depress them or make them feel unsafe.

You are nothing better of. You shaming people who gather courage and accept themselves so vulnerable?
Better educate yourselves instead of showing your privileged toxic orthodox mindset.

And to anyone who belongs to this community,
I know we straight people are toxic but we promise some of us are always here to make you feel safe and
We are so proud of you’ll.

-Rutuparna Swain

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