Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven

State of rest to deep sleep
Never wake up until at the doorstep
Opened the door of Heaven
The Garden of Eden.

Immortal me saw
Calm n quiet birds
Beauty thy name be doves
Guards the door of mercy
Dirty I went alone.

Dressed in dresses of dirt
But took me inside as guest.
None be Satan nor Lucifer
All they kind and loving
Been the messengers of Him.

Beautiful parrots flying past me
A fairy godmother met
in Cinderella’s story
Beautified my wornouts
To a beautiful gown
Adorned with jewellery
A bird in read came
Resembled the phoenix of Dumbledore
Healed my wound with his tears
A bearded man whom I met before
At hogwarts school
Oculus Reparo chanted he
Repaired my specs
Old but new
A youthful father
Been locked since years
Lupin he is of Hogwarts
Harry’s tutor once been
Joined with them
Draco unison with his family
Stunned I stood
Quest for Voldemort
Fated to hell for his deeds

More to meet here and
Went off to my room
There lie books of my type
Odered by Him from AMAZON!

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