Early to bed early to rise
makes a man healthy and wise
Continues the day with usual chores
bathing till food
work and back home
while students be you same attitude will be
study and prepare
for thy faces competition minutes even after
taught you the lessons
of fear and fear only
Fill you up with complexes inside
instructing your mind to catch perfection

The best possible chance is the certificate of study
to be a earning manager
to be proud enough
being a servant to the employees
was once a beggars to many

Lifestyle unchanged with the copy paste daily
For copyright never issued for it
Nothing’s changes in us than the nature’s magical charms
Sudden thoughts takes time
Rise slowly in minds of a rational thinker
to just jump high from this stagnant state of life.

A travel could do much more
than anyone, the feel while it swipes the mind
for the seed of pleasure to bud inside you
changes your thoughts on life
to listen to your heart
doing something probes inside
that it creates happiness
identity, creative mind
Exploring can explain much
Teach your story of life
For self learnt is quick learnt
through curiosity and interests
betterment is fine than nothingness
That no school can tell you.

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