Inside Out

How often do we notice other people around.
How frequently do we see them changing.
How rarely we come to know what someone is fighting on the inside without holding his life still.

You see them act different, different than what you expect out of them.
Have you ever taken a chance to learn them yet?
The demons they meet and the evil they fight plain dead.

Anxiety, depression, paranoia, we call ’em with names.
How many times did you actually bothered to sit with them and talk it out without making them feel lame.

We all have an image, a peculiar lie we maintain..
I know it’s tough to seek help but eventually you gotta do it one day.

You don’t have to let your guards down just yet.
May be a little faith in yourself and a hope of a better future, with this we can call it a day everyday.

Reach out to people who you think would love to share your pain.
Don’t be so optimistic that they’ll learn you in a jiff.
They’re also like you, fighting against all odds to get them through this day.

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