Importance of Yoga

Yoga – basically means union or yoking, which means that it’s a connecting and collecting point for many things. In a lame man form if we break word yoga into 2- yog and aa ; yog means milaap and aa can relate to come one can say milaap is calling you , in other way nature is calling you, nature is calling you to do good, to do good to you and connect to yourself, your body and your soul. The health of our body is most important in life. If health isn’t sensible then we’ll not be ready to accomplish our goals or won’t stay happy. It’s now no longer approximately being appropriate at something. It’s approximately being appropriate to you. Yoga is a way of life that aims to have a healthy mind with a healthy body. Human is a physical, spiritual and spiritual being; as described in Indian Ayurveda, yoga helps to strike a balance between the three. Yoga is carried on from ancient period in our country and it was believed and proven that Yoga increases your flexibility, helps you to build strength, improves your posture, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, etc.

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