If He Does Then It’s Fine, If She Does Then She is Characterless


If He Does then Its fine
If She Does She is Characterles

The thinking of some people is limited only to this that whatever they want to do, they do everything themselves, but when it comes to their own sister, then such people first start remembering respect, dignity and society. The thinking of some people is that whatever they wish to do themselves, but when it comes to their own sister, then such people remember the honor and society first.Of course, girls are free, in their family, they can do everything they want, but even today, in every house, more boys are heard and believed than girls.Girls have the ability to mold themselves in every situation. She also tolerates some things silently because she does not want to hurt her family. Not every girl takes care of this and not every boy understands these things.If the boy falls in love with his sister’s friend and wants to marry her, the family will approve, but if the girl falls in love with her brother’s friend and wants to marry him, then on the contrary, she will be scolding. Even when a brother’s friend comes into the house, the sister has to stay in a different room until they leaves.Even if I talk to someone as a brother, the society stares as if I have committed a bad sin.If brothers and sisters are going somewhere together, then society gives the same name that boys and girls have spoiled the atmosphere, society weighs them by keeping them in every relationship except brother and sister. If ever they have to face such a situation, then the first people to point fingers are those who call others bad in the first place. Such people ask for justice for themselves and call the society bad and good, they themselves do not know that it is these people who are doing bad to the society.People living in the society point fingers at each other but they forget that if they point a finger at someone, then three fingers are also on their own side. He doesn’t see any shortcomings in himself, he finds faults in others.There are some narrow minded people who leave such an impression in the society, there are only such narrow minded people who make the society bad. Those who have different rules for others and have a rule for themselves.Even in the twenty-first century, is society more important than human happiness and life?


-Priyanka Siraswal


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