Hollow Expectations


If you put expectations on the wrong person, they hollow you out. You know that the person to whom you are giving your hundred percent does not respect you at all, but still you expect the most from that person.And when your book of expectations is filled, which does not seem to have even one percent chance of being fulfilled, then you break down inside and then start remain silent.
After that, you don’t care a whole lot about whether someone is there or not.The person puts the highest hopes in love, the person whom he decorates in his dreams in his imagination, but that person is not even aware of this.When hopes are broken, a person also breaks apart, which is impossible to do again than before.Some people wake up false hopes in someones heart and when the person in front considers them as their own, then they start making excuses.The person whom we love the most, then a fear starts to arise in our heart, the fear of losing that person and because of this fear, we keep the mountain of our hopes on his head.If it doesn’t live up to our expectations, what’s wrong?The mistake is ours, we expected him, he did not make any promise and even if he did not promise then what?Two moments together are enough to fill the hopes.And in spite of all this, when the behavior of a person starts changing, then a strange pain starts in the heart, a lot of suffocation starts feeling.No one looks good, no matter how much one talks with love, they all seem like enemies.
When we put our hopes on others and our expectations are not fulfilled, the person who is above you, whom you have considered as your everything and he does not care at all about your feelings very restlessly.Loneliness feels as if this is the world in which there is peace.No need for anyone, no love of anyone, no hope from anyone and no unmatched support.


-Priyanka Siraswal

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