Helping Hand


Sitting all alone day long
thoughts so dark and pensive
recalling those dark days
when I cried day and night
for that someone
to shower the flowers
with much smile and laughter

Day long with works and reading
required a space to laugh out loud
from the hectic schedule of life
Came a hand beside
crawling through my back
towards my shoulder
grabbed me beside
laid a smile on my face
taught to laugh with heart
taught me to hate the negative
to love life than anything else
Shared with me her story
mine in return
travelling with me life long


Oh bestie. you are worth a sister
than a friend
near your presence
No darkness I know
no negative i think
No fears I fear
just move on like a river
on and on and on

Yes bestie. You are my own soul
unsightly with me
observe all of mine

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