Hardwork is only key to success.

Payal Agarwal is a native of Najibabad city who married in her early age of 18 to an officer in Bijnor itself. She is good and hardworking woman, but her husband was not good at all. There is much difference between both of them. Her husband often scold her on petty things and behaves badly with her. Soon after 7 months of her marriage she got pregnant, she was often pressurized to have a male child as her offspring. But she gave birth to female child. Things are not going smoothly ,yet she endure each and every thing and tried her best to adjust in every situation. Soon after 10months she again got pregnant now this time she was more pressurized to give birth to male child by her husband but this time also she gave birth to a female child. This time her husband decided to do something worst and so he do so , he tried to give poison to Payal but Payal came to know about it and there and then she decided to leave home so Payal leaves the house of his husband, with her daughters she came back to Najibabad to her father’s house. She took care of her daughters very well and she started her studies once again, she did her graduation and post graduation and in 2019 she cleared her NET and now in 2021she got selection in Phd and now she is doing phd in Hindi  , moreover she use to take coaching classes and earn her livelihood. Her daughters are also studying. She is an inspiration for many of girls. 

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