Few things left unsaid

Sometimes someone leave us without any prior information and that time we get to know their importance in our life. It happens when we take things for granted because yes, we assume that person will never leave us but when they leave, we suddenly realize their importance. Isn’t it so selfish to take people for granted?

I’m not only talking about myself but also emoting your feelings too. It happens to me too that few things left unsaid, those people who plays a significant role in your life leave us for no reason even after not taking them for granted. You can better understand the situation when these things happen. Some people who are not able to overcome from it, will automatically get depressed and live their life with their memories because they are unable to accept the truth.

I can understand the situation when a person ignore you in future who have already said that you are important for them in past. It really hurts to see hate on their face who used to care us a lot.

But we should overcome from it and it’s not much hard, just try to focus on your self-respect that’s all. .

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