In the frenzy of our emotions and thumping heartbeats, in that moment of forgiveness and farewell, you pressed your lips to mine in an empty promise. A promise you wouldn’t keep, a promise that wasn’t meant. And as our souls lay bare to each other I held on to every intimate lie, to every concealed truth. In that rebel against our time, our fate, our destiny, we held on to every conspiracy we had woven with our words, hand in hand, head against heart.

My eyes stung with tears as I shut them and I kissed you back. Kissed you with zeal, passion and love, with what life was left in me, with everything that would be gone in a few moments, gone with you.

And as our lips sealed and to the story that never begun, the lightning struck in protest, the winds howled in agony. You let go, and so did I, even as the heavens screamed for us to hold on. You walked towards the sunset as I did towards the stars. I held on to your empty promise as you held on to my broken heart.

Perhaps we’d meet again, in the serenity of an eclipse as the shadows gathered their lights, maybe, we’d love again, in the dark.

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