Dream , as dreams comes true

Dream, as dreams come true!

As I sit in the corner table sipping my coffee

New York welcomes winter and snowfall with Santa distributing toffees,

Reading Haruki, looking through the window

Turns page 52 and look the characters and feel enshrined,

Looking at the sky through the window, the moon divines.


I sip my coffee and thinks how beautiful it is to watch people doing their chores

Me on the other hand, free to fly and ready to welcome new year with all my heart,

I like the smell of the cafe;

smell of the trees;

smell of the love;

smell of me;

smell of them.


I walked on the side of the roads

Watching a couple exchanging the letter in their hands,

Love indeed makes you see the brightest of the things even if you suffer

Isn’t it beautiful to watch people, cafe, trees and feel like a beautiful buffer.

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