Like murder in my mouth and cobblestones in my heart,
Tragedy twisting into despair;
Veins in my heart.
Like bleeding and breathing
Water clogged lungs and bones aflame,
Like anesthesia in your proximity
Sounds of boulders and dust; heavy and dead,
The scent of magma charring mountain air
The tang of metal, of blood and bruises
Like the sweet intoxication of seething pain
Spilling over, with words etched in my marrow
The headman’s axe, tally marks on my fingers
My bleeding heart, in my mouth


I fall into a pit, of limbless striving and numbing dreams, when I sleep. Most days I read till my eyes fall shut, others I listen to music and let slumber take over me unaware. I fall asleep with emotions weighing my tissues like lead woven through cotton. I tread territories of my head only before I fall asleep, I save nightmares for the dark.

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