Difference between an imaginary world and practical world

Almost everybody suggests us to be practical. Do you ever think why they do so ? and why to be practical?

Let me answer of this one because whenever we talk about the things which is not in real but we are assuming it, for ex. – ‘I wish I would be an IAS officer’, so the person who listen will definitely interrupt and say – ‘oh common, be practical’. In simple, we are assuming which is not real but still we are assuming which is called imaginary world.

The answer of the second one is that, because we shouldn’t only imagine things but also work hard to make it real. If you keep imagining things without implementation then trust me you are wasting your energy. So that’s why we need to be practical.


“If you can dream it,

You can do it.

Don’t just dream about it,

Work hard to make it happen too.”


A practical world is so different from imaginery one. No doubt, practical people imagine things but they try to make it real too and if it will be impossible then they do back step.

So dreaming and imagining is good but to be in your world and ignore the real one is not good.


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