Normal lass unknown
blank of decisions
valued by the speech of others
years later upturned
Too poor to seek joy

Patriarch binding
Thoughts to freedom, peace and happiness
games played of hide and seek
cheated her and flew away

Doomed with changes
unadjusted too badly
never could she reciprocate
those days squandered
her dreams desired
simply lie as name
a past simply
could she just think it off

Through marks and certificates
judgement of qualifications
nevertheless the respect nor consents
it obstruct her to swim
through the oceans of desire
where the ship of dreams waiting
she named thee RAINBOW.

Marks gained she moved through those paths
guided by parents
Never an identity of self remained to exist
virus injection
of those for vomiting
without a contribution of us
our system of brain
Too heavy with storage
unable to supra clean

Average be thy
could never grow up
money matters for you
seedling of growth
Marks notify you
eligible for growth
Neither your thoughts
Neither your talents
Just a matter of sand.

Heavy your bags with those books
those making them patient to physiotherapy

A total process of termination
the need of the hour

No lion would love its prey
neither a tiger would fall in love to a rabbit.
Attitude is what matters
recyclable process of eating the Edible
successfully could move
those parts of brain remain stagnant unused.

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