Chase quality not quantity

Nowadays, it’s a trend to represent ourselves as foodies or pandas. Girls like to be called pandas but hate if we call them fat. Even we tease our friends, who eat lots of food, and give them the nickname “Panda.” I don’t know about you; I call my bestie a panda. We both are voracious. I am still skinny but he became a beast. You will be amazed to know; a panda eats approx. 12 to 14 hours in a day. They spend half of their day eating bamboo stems and leaves. As you know bamboo is a very low nutritional food, they consume around 30 kg of bamboo in a day to get the proper amount of nutrition for their body. In other words, they chase quantity not quality. This is the only reason half of their life goes into eating.

Ask yourself what do you chase, quality or quantity? Do you seek one quality person or many average people? Would you like to get your work done by one quality employee or 10 average working employees? If I give you a few bucks would you buy one high-quality shirt or two average quality shirts?

I know you must be thinking, it doesn’t matter who does the work. Whether it’s done by a few quality people or many average people, for you what matters is whether the work is done in due time or not. I must tell you, my dear friend, it matters a lot. It matters to you also; you are just oblivious to the fact. I am telling you how. When a job is done by average people, you have to train lots of people. You put lots of energy into teaching every fellow mate. The more people work the more chances of mistakes there are. You need to invest most of your energy in them. This doesn’t happen with quality people. You simply need to order them their role and the next moment, you will find your work is done, with minimum mistakes. They consume less by using the resource utmost and waste only a little. This happens because quality people are smart enough to tackle every situation. They know how to perform the task well and what’s the benefit of performing well. Quality people always seek for growth whereas others seek just for a salary at the end of the month.

You must be cute and loving, like a panda, but not stupid to chase quantity. Leaders always focus on chasing quality. They know if they chase quality, the quantity will automatically follow. You must choose productive and efficient people for working in your organization. If you have a choice, always choose quality. A person with qualities takes less time to complete work when compared to a dumb person.


This scene is taken from the book “Struggle Scream Success.” The author, Banty Barman, a twenty-six years old lone wolf has beautifully depicted 101 leadership lessons for entrepreneurs from his experience of six incredible years in the direct selling industry. Born and raised in Kolkata, WB and completed his graduation from Calcutta University. His first title “A Mistake that changed my Life.” is a love story where he depicted his true love and emotions for his school life girlfriend in it. Contact him at







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