Broken but beautiful

Being physically beautiful is not always important. According to Oxford dictionary, Beauty is the quality of being pleasing, especially to look at, or someone or something that gives great pleasure, especially when you look at it.

But is it all true?

Isn’t inner beauty also important?

But some beautiful people think they are broken from inside.

They’ve already experienced something harsh in their lives that they think being broken is their fate.

They don’t realise that being broken makes them more beautiful. As they’ve known the pain of being broken, they’ll never break others.

Here’s a short story on this,

There was girl, who was an only child of her parents but her parents were never able to give her time because of their work. She needed love. She had many people around her but no-one was her firend. They were only there with her because her parents were rich. She came into a relationship when she was just 13 because she wanted someone to listen to her and talk to her, play with her. But she later, at the age of 18, she came to know that the guy was cheating on her and was with her because she was rich. He never loved her. She was broken, frustrated and devastated. She didn’t know what to do. She thought to give up her life.

One day, she climbed up a cliff to commit suicide. She even didn’t thought about her parents, she loved that guy so much. After climbing the cliff, she realised that climbing off the cliff was not an option. She realised that her parents, who might have not cared much about her in past years, are waiting for her at the dinner table for her. She quietly went back to her home, saw her mom and dad and thought to herself that she’ll never allow any guy to enter her life. Years passed away, now she was 25 and she had her own event managing business, there were many employees in it but one day a new guy came to her for job of an employee. She approved him. Slowly he became friends with her and started to her bout his life. The girl also was opening up with him but suddenly she stopped talking to him. Because she remember about the guy who cheated her.Days passed by, then months. One day guy went to her home and talked to her, he told her that he was there to tell her that she might be broken but she’s beautiful. And he loves this thing about her. He would always accept her, in all circumstances.

This might be just a love story, but do know, how was the girl broken but beautiful?

Because she never let her parents to be ashamed of her, she never was mean and she was always there for everyone instead of being broken herself. So, spread happiness 😊 even if you are broken💔 ❤.

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