Blog writing*jodhpur*

Jodhpurs  this city known by the name of blue city .it is situated just northwest of the luni .It is situated just northwest of luni river on a- sterile tract of land covered with high sand hills .the city was founded in 1459 by rao jodha , a rajput  and served as the capital of the princely state of jodhpurs .the city has engineering and railway workshops and manufactures cotton textiles brass and iron utensils.bicycles,ink and polo equipment .jodhpurs is a famous for its handicraft products .which include ivory goods,glass bangles,cutlery,dyed cloth.Tourism is an important component of the city,s economy. jodhpur the second largest city od rajasthan state high court the university of jodhpur a(established 1962) ,and a medical college affiliated with the university fort, palace and a historical museum ,is built on an isolated rock eminence that dominates the city ,the home of the jodhpur royal family and also a luxury hotel. lignite,iron ore,tungsten,garnet,glass-sand deposits are worked.the white marble jaswant thada a memorial to the 19th-century ruler jaswant singh II .

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