Bend down for small things

A few days ago, I went to a zoo with my two wives and one child. Sorry! Sorry! Two children and one wife. On entering it, we saw a small enclosed ground. Within it, was a very big animal whom in childhood we used to call ‘G for Giraffe’. We sat nearby and started having our breakfast. Children were enjoying themselves a lot and I was watching that giraffe very carefully while eating. I knew giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth but their legs alone were taller than many humans—about 6 feet. After watching it carefully, bubbles started bursting in my stomach. A curiosity to know more about them aroused so, that night I sat with my laptop. I put my glasses on my nose and figured out some lessons from them.

Bend down for small thing.

A giraffe has a short neck. It is so short that it cannot even touch the ground with its neck. As a result, it has to clumsily spread its front legs for drinking water. It is extremely problematic for them to bow, yet they bow down to drink because it is mandatory. They do not bend down usually, as their requirement of water is once in a few days. Most of the water comes from the plants they eat. Only when they are in desperate need of water, they bend.

When we get results without bending, that too from elsewhere and effortlessly, we do not struggle to bow down for a little. When our achievement is high, we avoid putting effort towards the low productive people, and our major focus is attached towards the highly productive area.

Now think about yourself, how do you act in this type of situation? Do you avoid them or consider them a valuable part of your organization? Do you put extra effort into little things or simply avoid, considering your standard?

A leader deals with various types of people. Some perform very well and some are ordinary. Your organization will be filled with various types of customers. Some will have lots of funds to invest in your company and the rest will have just a few bucks in their pocket. For you, as a service provider, both of them are important. You cannot discriminate based on what they can offer to you and in what quantity. They may not be your priority but they must exist in the list.

Most of our work is done by good performers and we do not pay much attention to the average ones. I am not saying, pay full attention to them but at least twice a week should be given because they are an essential part of the organization too. It may be difficult to make them understand and work with them, but you have to. The problem is not that they are average performers, the problem is you have a lot of trouble working with them because you have to bend. I admit, they don’t perform to that level and it does not influence you much, but those who want to do something good in life, whom you do not focus on, always remain mediocre because you kill their growth opportunity. So, the next time you come across these kinds of situations, try to pull them up even if you feel uncomfortable.


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