“Are you a girl?”

“”Hypocrisy is our daily love,
Our society is our unwanted carb.
We are Indians, we love the fights
Over some drama, not for the rights.
Here when a guy wear accessories,
His family asks, “Is this necessary? “
Society will ask him, “Are you a girl? “
I ask, “Can’t a guy wear accessories and swirl? “

When a guy dances,
His friends make fun of him,
They ask him , “Are you a girl? “
Can’t a guy just flaunt and twirl? “”
Society here teaches different backward things to their boys, like-
“Are you a girl? Why do you cry?
You are a boy, you shouldn’t be shy.
Being at home is every girl’s beauty,
You should go out to earn and do some duty.
Gossiping around is a girl’s motive of life,
Men gossiping around is never much liked. “

“Are you a girl? ” Why is this question even asked?
Why ain’t any girl asked, ” Are you a boy? “
Can’t a boy dance, wear accessories, cry openly or gossip?
Can’t a man stay at home and look after the children while woman goes out to earn?
Isn’t it hypocrisy?
On one hand, we are asking girls to move forward in their lives and on the other hand stopping men to have equal rights.

We have many examples of men doing the work, which according to our society should be done by women. For example- Sanjeev kapoor- he’s a chef, cooking food according to our society is meant for women to do but this man changed the thinking of our society on this.
We have more of these examples.
When we are talking about equality, we are not only fighting for the rights or women but also for men.
Think yourself.
Jai hind 🇮🇳

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