Ambush beast of prey

We all have seen crocodiles hunting. Not in reality, but everyone has seen it on TV. It is scary to see how silently he steps ahead towards his victim and jumps in a jolt. They possess one of the strongest bites in the animal’s world.

They guess in which direction their prey may run. They watch their victim carefully and notice a lot, the way they drink, the way they cross the river, in which direction the river is flowing, waves and tides everything. All this experience comes from hunting too many times. Their ability to predict helps them to be well-positioned and prepared at the right time, increasing their chances to grab their prey successfully.

Can you predict the upcoming step of your fellow mates? Do you perform silently or you are in a world of show off? Do you have any additional knowledge, apart from your field, directly and indirectly, related to your industry? Are you well aware of the facts and figures of different sectors and different industries? Do you look at what is happening around your organization? 

I know you are not in the profession of hunting but my dear friend, you too are chasing customers. Leading a team is like hunting. As a leader, you have to predict the mood of your fellow mates. What they can do, how they can react, when they can outburst on your decision, must be known to you. A leader has ideas of other fields too. Not as much as in their field but at least a little knowledge can help you to deal with objections. To plan better you need additional information, related to the market and your rivals. When you have an idea, what’s going on around you, you easily deal with the hurdles and opportunities walking your way. Ultimately it keeps us prepared to hunt our prey well. So, the next time when you go to close a deal, be ready with the facts and figures and hit them hard. In which direction they try to run, go grab them with your knowledge. It will not come at once you have to keep working on it. The crocodile learned only because of hunting many times. So, to be a master in it, keep trying even if you fail many times. Once you know, you will rock. 


This scene is taken from the book “Struggle Scream Success.” The author, Banty Barman, a twenty-six years old lone wolf has beautifully depicted 101 leadership lessons for entrepreneurs from his experience of six incredible years in the direct selling industry. Born and raised in Kolkata, WB and completed his graduation from Calcutta University. His first title “A Mistake that changed my Life.” is a love story where he depicted his true love and emotions for his school life girlfriend in it. Contact him at



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