A woman who stood strong

We all know that one person who suffered a lot in their life. Here I know many, who suffered in their life but never gave up.
I’m going to write the story of a person about whom I didn’t knew much. She taught that, “You’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to. ” I’ll reveal at the last of the story, who was she.
Let’s start with her story –
She was 11 yrs old when she got married. Slowly slowly she started to make her place in her new home.
After few years she gave birth to her first child and after that child she gave birth to 8 more children. The family was very happy.
Until now, she was a home maker but one fine and day, she and her husband came to know that they don’t own their house anymore, someone took it cunningly from them.
It was from this moment, everything changed. That women with her husband and 9 of her children , who had a big mansion -now just lived in a small house with least income. But she didn’t gave up, she stood strong and started stitching clothes and earning money. She also used to teach her children as well as other children . Gradually she earned and with the help of her husband she raised her children and married them. At that point if she’d lost her hope, she wouldn’t have been able to raise her kids -she knew. That’s why she never gave up and stood strong.
Now it’s the time to reveal her identity: She’s none other than my paternal grandma (My father’s mom). Until now I didn’t knew her story but when my father told me about her, I was amazed.
She’s a true hero for me.
Her name was Shrimati Peri Lakshmi Devi.

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