A Letter To Prime Minister
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi


National Flag (Tiranga)

Everyone knows that every family, rich, poor, all have become very upset due to this corona epidemic. Due to one after the other lock down, people have also become troubled by staying in homes. Factories, offices of private businessmen are all closed and those who are in government jobs have also not been paid for months, many times they have decided to go on strike. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

They also tried so that they would get their  salaries on time. Due to which their family members are also facing starvation. Many people have also become indebted due to this corona epidemic.On the other hand, farmers are also facing a lot, they are not getting proper price for their crops. Farmers are also holding their sit-in demonstrations, but now no attention is being paid to them.Due to the Corona epidemic, the schools of the children which are closed but still there is no obstruction in the demands of some private schools. They don’t care about anything, they just keep adding up. Due to online education of children, children are not able to study properly. Those whose parents have given their children a laptop or phone ahead of time to study, which is only due to this epidemic, then the children take the wrong advantage of that thing, they either start playing games in it or use social media. start using.I want that from the education of children to the salary of government employees, a little more attention should be paid.

Government jobs have remained in name only, more than that a person can earn by doing private jobs.And unemployment is increasing day by day, it is also not being noticed, it has just become a subject of ridicule on social media.
If I were the Prime Minister for a day, I would give business to all the deserving people according to their interests. I would have kept opportunities for the unemployed in all the schemes run by the Prime Minister. To provide all possible facilities to the people coming below the poverty line.

Thank you

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