A girl worth to dream

How far one can dream, especially a girl. Quite often this question has tortured my mind. But sometimes being helpless I just try to forget. The single reason could be the family one is born to. Even though the parents may be willing to take her to heights, they have got a lot of expectations over her and when she never goes along that path she is criticized, mocked. She is downtrodden to a sewage or a waste may be. Thats how the words they use on her. Why are people on her like this. I think that such words even won’t give her an identity either. She could feel bad about her. It could be more worse when she would be compared with others and parents force on her to score like them, then only her life would be secured and safe. And that money which rules her. It could satisfy her personal needs may be a book or a clothing or even a footwear. She should have enough with her. Or else if it is a need her parents will give her.
Even sometimes she feels to purchase her favorite novel from an online site it’s all the great struggle that pull her back from choosing her own space.

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