A Dream

Never the wings of Happiness grow unless  U decide to fight for it.
Never cry over the spilt milk. Oh women! Be brave only you can help yourself.

Since long she is hearing all these brave sayings from many feminist ladies and a lot of people supporting women. But none of her desires has fulfilled. Sometimes the society, the surrounding she is in has build a wall may be the great wall of China long and dangerous and strong as iron unable to bear and break down them down. But still a few sparkling spirits inside her head or mind repeatedly say that darkness does not remain for long, just until the Sunrise is back.
She enclosed herself in a room with her entity that usually made her smile again and again. A lot of books all around. She has been reading them since childhood. But when she reached maturity, got to know her situation more. The biggest conclusion she made was that Marks are the biggest passport ever. It can only be considered as an option to escape from your hindrances. She was always compared to one another. This comparison was like injecting hatred and jealousy towards other. A kind of distancing because she was not able to do like them.
When sometimes she feels worried and sad reminded of such thoughts, she prefers for such a distraction that never allows her to think about those negative feelings of sadness.
It was her books that she read and studied opened a wide world. She came to know about a lot of places; historical, city types and everything. seeing snowman in the pictures of New York and the neat clean roads to walk and neat and clean parks with benches and greenery where one can feel the fresh air. The beauty of the city of Paris with the Eiffel Tower shining golden in the night and other beautiful scenery and infrastructure and skyscrapers. Wearing some modern dresses walking around,especially during winter in sweater, cap mufflers, boots and gloves which is the winter attire. How gorgeous would it be. matching along with it a cute haircut looking childish.
Never could she see them till date. These beautiful flowers seen in the books and the bridges busy people walk over, the London Bridge . Lots and lots like these she has seen through the books. English and England.She loved it. Enjoyed it. The writers belonged to London, Fashion designers belong to London, Paris etc. She has always wondered through the Pictures, the extraordinary things beautiful or much more to call it she is speechless. Even a lot of Palaces of the great Kings and Queen living with their family. Ladies with long Gowns like the Disney princess Cinderella.


Good Morning…. Stop Dreaming You are at home. Its time to wake up.

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